FDN of SW Florida LLc: Anthony Llabres CFM-P, BSc. FDN-P

 Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner/Consultant/Health Coach/Educator/Mentor

Lab Testing

Custom labs and pricing available by phone. Saliva, Urine and Stool Testing done in the comfort of your home. Kits are mailed direct to you. Simply complete the test per instructions, fill out payment information and mail in prepaid mailer supplied. There are so many labs available I could not list them all. I have access to any myriad of testing from Saliva, Serum, Urine, Stool etc. Many are steeply discounted in price as well. Also, you will not be required to see a physician for ordering these labs. We have cash pay options for those with no insurance or high deductibles. Sample of routine labs below...

All Functional Labs Available

Recommended for All Clients (Stool, Serum and Organic Acids/Spectracell)

I routinely use:
  • Genova Labs
  • GI Map
  • Doctors Data Stool
  • Great Plains Organic Acids
  • GI Effects Comprehensive Stool/GI MAP
  • Serum labs of all types
  • Spectracell
  • ELISA/ACT Allergy Testing
  • Evexia DIagnostics
  • DUTCH Urine Testing
  • Vibrant America

I also work with a Tele-Med Physicians group that can manage any prescription hormone treatments a client may desire. I would be happy to arrange this phone consult. As you can see, the lack of health insurance should not be a reason to delay baseline or specialized lab work. I will do all I can to make this affordable. I also have access to Precision Analytics, Meridian Valley, Spectracell, Great Plains and Oxford Biomedical labs. I also have secured discounts for thousands of supplements through my Wellevate Platform. Please inquire about pricing and availability if you have a specific need. Consider using the WellEvate tab on the homepage to setup an account for discounted supplement shopping!