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Lab Analysis

Functional Labwork (Blood, Urine, Stool, Saliva) Evaluation service. In early 2000, I completed training with a World Renowned Functional Medicine Physician who is an expert in lab interpretation. Through this thorough training I am offering services to assist you with understanding your lab results. Targeted nutritional/supplementation and lifestyle modification protocols will be established to assist you in your goals of optimal health and vitality.

Labs included: CBC, CMP, Iron, Thyroid, Inflammation, Minerals, Hormones and many more...

or $499/6 months for unlimited lab consultations or $599 for 1 year
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Free 20 minute consultation

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Health Consultation Packages

Consultations, Mentorship, Protocols and Lab Evaluations. This is a complete service and includes all services I offer. Steep discounts in my Wellevate Supplement Pharmacy as well

$249/hour (Discount available for Professional Mentorship)
6 months UNLIMITED Lab consultations (Blood, Urine, Stool $599)
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Genetics Testing and Evaluation

  • IF you have your DNA RAW Data already, I will provide customized reports that speak to your personal genetics. Some examples would be Anxiety, Mood, Weight Loss, Autoimmunity, Cardiovascular Disease, Bone Loss etc. 
  • If you do not have your RAW DATA, I will send a Cheek Swab kit to your home for future DNA processing.
  • Either way, I have you covered. My clients have told me that they finally have answers that have escaped them through conventional allopathy! An extrememly valuable service with over 35 customized and actionable reports! 
  • $379 for all 35 reports
  • $89 for the DNA Swab Kit Shipped to your home

Hormone Replacement Therapy Consulting: Think you need HRT? I will educate you on the facts and myths of HRT so you can make the right decision for you! Think that your Doctor has all the answers? Think again as many Doctors do not have the training to properly administer HRT and monitor its success and safety. I have that experience and training to assist you in navigating these waters. Consult is $299 and I can assist in placing you with a competent SAFETY driven provider. 

I have access to many other labs and supplements. Please feel free to ask for specific pricing!